About Us

More than 20 years of experience in the research, design and manufacture of transformers and reactors has made EMG Power Electric an international industry leader and a primary company in the industrial fabric of Toscana in Italy. At its headquarters in Bibbiena, EMG Power Electric occupies an area covering more than 5000 square meters, the result of several phases of expansion and modernization incorporated in various strategies to develop the company and diversify its product lines. The use of insulation and protection systems such as cast resin and vacuum pressure impregnation, as well as the various technologies used in the cooling of components, have enabled EMG Power Electric to master all application fields: energy distribution, civil and military marine, offshore, fixed and mobile rail traction as well as in the mining and renewable energy sectors. This is a characteristic that makes our company unique in the world, as it enables all our customers to take advantage of product and process know-how in addition to the engineering skills of highly qualified employees, fruit of experience gained in the various fields of application and in compliance with the strictest regulations. The constant research carried out over the years has been the driving force behind the innovation aimed at continually improving the design and manufacturing tools/methods which have made EMG Power Electric a competitive player. The solidity of the company and its efficient organization allow EMG Power Electric to implement an expansion strategy based on strategic partnerships, in particular in emerging countries, which without doubt provide a rich vein of opportunities.


We provide outstanding customer value to a worldwide client for applications in industrial, traction, marine and offshore markets. Our products meet the highest technical standards in order to satisfy the most exigent client specifications. All the manufacturing processes are driven by respect for the environment. Our company culture is based on continuous improvement of technology and processes to offer exceptional and cost efficient products and services. Our most valuable resource is the human capital formed by the staff at all levels. We organize work in such way to ensure the greatest personal satisfaction for everyone as well as to create good chances of professional advancement for those that perform well. We conduct all business in fairness and mindful of the rights and expectations of our clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders. .